Showcase: the Goji Tinchy Stryder: On Cloud 9 headphones

Now that Goji Tinchy Stryder: On Cloud 9 headphones are available online and in-store at Currys and PC World, we've taken a look at why these are fast becoming the summer's must-have accessory. Devised in 2011, the Goji Tinchy Stryder: On Cloud 9 project wasn't unveiled until summer 2012, when the Goji tech team, including Tinchy as Creative Director, was satisfied that the components on the inside matched the style up front, and that everything was in place to launch the kind of headphones that would satisfy those who live and breathe music.

To start, the packaging of the Cloud 9 range is both sturdy and sophisticated, easily matching the quality of other, more expensive headphone brands. There are three sets of headphones with that authentic ‘TS’ signature - in-ear, on-ear and over-ear styles - all available in three striking colours. We're looking at the top-of-the-range over-ear, which retails at £69.99. Aside from the stylish shape, signature logo and glossy finish, these premier headphones feature tangle-resistant fabric cable with a gold-plated input jack. Picking these up and putting them on, it's the same story: real quality at every stage. The headphones weigh almost nothing, and with ultra-soft breathable ear cups you can just immerse yourself in your tunes of choice.

Performance-wise, we would boldly claim the Goji Tinchy Stryder on-ear headphones can match any competitor's note for note; allowing the listener to hear and feel the track uninpeded. Studio quality sound with perfect stereo, balancing melody and percussion, bass and chords. Everything works together, just as it should. The look fits the style; the sound fits the user's preference. And there's a carry case to ensure the listener is buying just a little bit more than a set of headphones. Goji Tinchy Stryder: On Cloud 9 over-ear headphones don't miss a trick, a beat, or a lyric. They're the full package.