When you have a great car and you are a music lover as well then how is it possible that you are not getting any kind of music system in it? If you are looking for the great features of car subwoofers then here they are.


This car subwoofer has great power to make you move to the song while you are driving. To make subwoofer work properly first thing is that you should have a great playlist to check the compatibility and beat of the speaker.

This speaker has a noiseless sound which is first preference of anyone as well as it has a peak power of 150W.

The die cast frame of the subwoofer is of aluminum with the remote for the control of frequency according to the track.


The features of the subwoofers include

The frame design of the speaker is according to the ventilation of the heat.

The sound system of the subwoofer has designed to improve the surrounding sounds and to improve the efficiency of the beat.

The dynamic motor installed inside the subwoofer is able to decrease the disturbance around and will provide you proper beat as well as a perfect level of sound.


The features of the subwoofers include

If you want to turn on the sound at its fullest to check the quality then this subwoofer not going to let you down. It has an ability to control the sound and bass without failure.

It has long term durability and you can use it for years without any fault in it.

It has bulletproof vests inside as well to protect it from any kind of damage.


The unique features of the subwoofers include

It is specially designed for the cars who got big speakers and for the high sound and bass. It’s on the list of one of the best car subwoofers.

To protect the cone from any kind of damage it is covered with the dust cap as well.

The rubber which is covering the cone of the subwoofer can provide you the required bass without breaking the sound and it covers the area up to the 25%.

The competitive level of the speaker is going to make your car a music palace and you will enjoy the beat of every track.


The features of the subwoofers include

Without spending a lot of money on the speakers and subwoofers you are going to have the perfect bass controller for your car which is MTX55.

The cooling system inside the subwoofer is of great advantage because when you are going to play it for a long time then you will see that the heat will automatically adjust itself and you don’t have to experience the problem.

The suspension system helps in pumping the system and will provide you clear as well as high bass sound.

It will provide the beat to your songs and power to the music which is enough to make your car amazing music car.