Though it is not yet released and still on continuous development, Samsung’s new smartphone which is expected to be named Samsung Galaxy S6 has already been gaining so much interest and excitement to smartphones seekers. Spread rumors have commonly said that this smartphone will sweep away all other new and popular smartphone brands today because of its super unimaginative and awesome features. This only proves that Samsung is indeed one of the most sought after and most competitive manufacturer and retailer of smartphones today. Even though they have a wide range of other technologically-advanced products such as tablets, laptops, and household appliances, still Samsung has remained to be an impressive company that always surprises their avid customers and loyalists.

Even though the company of Samsung remains mum and not yet officially launching the new version of smartphone, rumors have concluded what would be the design, processor, battery life and other features of the product. Do you want to know what they are saying about the S6 version? Well, if you are looking for the specifications and features of this new gadget, read on this Samsung Galaxy S6 features list.

Expected Design

Of course, the design is one thing that people are excitedly waiting for this new S6. Because Samsung seems to be left out from the latest designs of smartphones today—since it has constant design from its previous versions, Samsung is expected to take an overall makeover to their S6 design. The somewhat delicate and plastic feel of Samsung Galaxy S5 wasn’t liked by customers so they expect for a much durable case in the Galaxy S6 such as graphene or aluminum. In terms of weight, will it be heavy or lightweight? Emerging phones today have slowly gotten lighter. However, their rugged casing can add to their weight. So, expect for a sturdier but probably not any weight loss for this coming S6.

Expected Features

People usually expect for a faster, bigger, better and more beautiful smartphone every time one is being released and Samsung is not an exception to this. People are expecting for bigger upgrades to the S6’s improved processor, display, camera and durability.

Samsung’ S5 version remained to have a 32 gigabyte processor. But today, this processor is outdated for other smartphone manufacturers already upgraded their processor to octa-core so if Samsung wants to be in constant competition to this, they should upgrade the processor of S6.  With a little tweaking you can even unlock sprint galaxy s6 phone and get even more use out of it. A 64 gigabyte processor is a good bet for Samsung S6 but initial rumors have spread that the octa-core processor would be seen in the new S series.

The previous camera in Samsung’s S series smartphones will be outdone. The back camera of Samsung S6 is expected to be upgraded to 20 megapixels and four to seven for its front camera.

For the operating system, prepare for Android 5.0 with the usual Touchwiz interface. The previous S series have shown some instances of lag with Touchwiz interface which people certainly complained about.

As people need and want to long lasting phone battery, Samsung has continually impressed their avid customers with their long battery life. There are even rumors that S6’s battery life would be of 4000mAH-5000mAH but the first one is much likely to be used.

A display screen of Wide Quad HD with 40 ppi along with 5.1” screen is another thing that people expect for the S6 series. As the S5 flaunted a 1080 HD display, expect that S6 will do better with more likely 2560×1440 display.

Many other improvements to its features are expected in this most awaited smartphone. The above mentioned Samsung Galaxy S6 features list is expected by people but is not the official features that Samsung has released.