If you have an ear for music, you have probably realized that rap and hip-hop songs would never be successful without high-quality beats. Even if you are good at writing lyrics, without a decent beat you will never be able to sell your music. There are numerous styles of rap, however, all hip-hop songs come down to the two most important elements: catchy lyrics, and cool beats.

The structure

The basic structure of any hip-hop song comes from the mixture of kick-snare-hi-hats. These ingredients are sufficient to create a basic drum loop, which provides rap songs with head snapping vibe and bouncy beat. The drum elements are the most important parts of a song since if they get even a little bit jumbled up, you can end up with a bad listening experience.

The tempo is also an important part when building your own rap beat.  According to the mood and the style, this is usually between 80-120 bpm (beats per minute) but it strongly depends on the song and the rapper.

The song’s structure is also decisive when building your beat. Make sure that you have a clear structure, with well-defined parts. A typical hip-hop song consists of the following parts:

– Intro

– First Verse

– Chorus

– Second Verse

– Chorus

– Third Verse

– Final Chorus + Outro

The verse is usually 16 bars (32 lines), while the chorus is only half of it (8 bars – 16 lines). However, this once again clearly depends on the song, the message, and the rapper. Nothing is set in stone.

Audio Loop

Another important component is an audio loop, helping you to create a high-quality Rap Beats. These single loops or samples are usually repeated throughout the track, with only slight modifications before the end of the song. Make sure that your loops are toned down enough, so it does not interfere with the vocals.

Melody + Bass Line

The two last, important components are the melody and the bass line. Both of them need to be catchy, where the bass line should be as sick as possible. The melody should be in accordance with your message and style. You don’t have to be a musical genius to produce a high-quality beat. By listening to a bunch of songs and analyzing their most important features, and obviously with devotion and practice, you can create your own sick beat. Get started today!