Rap Beats

If you have an ear for music, you have probably realized that rap and hip-hop songs would never be successful without high-quality beats. Even if you are good at writing lyrics, without a decent beat you will never be able to sell your music. There are numerous styles of rap, however, all hip-hop songs come down to the two most important elements: catchy lyrics, and cool beats.

The structure

The basic structure of any hip-hop song comes from the mixture of kick-snare-hi-hats. These ingredients are sufficient to create a basic drum loop, which provides rap songs with head snapping vibe and bouncy beat. The drum elements are the most important parts of a song since if they get even a little bit jumbled up, you can end up with a bad listening experience.

The tempo is also an important part when building your own rap beat.  According to the mood and the style, this is usually between 80-120 bpm (beats per minute) but it strongly depends on the song and the rapper.

The song’s structure is also decisive when building your beat. Make sure that you have a clear structure, with well-defined parts. A typical hip-hop song consists of the following parts:

– Intro

– First Verse

– Chorus

– Second Verse

– Chorus

– Third Verse

– Final Chorus + Outro

The verse is usually 16 bars (32 lines), while the chorus is only half of it (8 bars – 16 lines). However, this once again clearly depends on the song, the message, and the rapper. Nothing is set in stone.

Audio Loop

Another important component is an audio loop, helping you to create a high-quality Rap Beats. These single loops or samples are usually repeated throughout the track, with only slight modifications before the end of the song. Make sure that your loops are toned down enough, so it does not interfere with the vocals.

Melody + Bass Line

The two last, important components are the melody and the bass line. Both of them need to be catchy, where the bass line should be as sick as possible. The melody should be in accordance with your message and style. You don’t have to be a musical genius to produce a high-quality beat. By listening to a bunch of songs and analyzing their most important features, and obviously with devotion and practice, you can create your own sick beat. Get started today!

4 Most Recent ‘Game-Changer’ Electrical Breakthroughs

Recent advances in electronics have completely revolutionised all most every aspect of life. From communication to everyday household appliances to healthcare development and industrialisation advancements, progression in the global electronics industry has come a long way in the last couple of decades. Though, in the last few years, the world has witnessed a number of breakthroughs, but here are the most noteworthy encroachments of them. Have a look:

Induction of Magnetism in Graphene:

This is the most remarkable progression of technology in the electronic field. The “Wonder Material” Graphene already has knuckled down transfigure the electronics industry and scientists by developing the method to induce magnetically – which is not even a property of Graphene – has set the foundation for a more prosperous and far-fetched future.

Multitasking Adoptable Electronics:

Adaptable Electronics is one of the highly promising segments of electronic that can set revolution for the global industry, and with the most recent breakthroughs of multitasking circuits, which can reconfigure themselves into adaptable electronics and knob between functions following individual requirements is expected to make the future electronics industry more commanding and resourceful.

Discovery of Nematic Liquid Crystals for Solar Panels:

Scientists recently have developed a brand new material, called ‘nematic liquid crystal’, which will aid programming high-performance and highly influential organic solar cells and thus set immensely superior solar panels in motion.

Material for converting CO2 into Solar Fuel:

The finding of the method for converting the deadly greenhouse gas – Carbon Dioxide (CO2) from visible sunlight into solar fuel through the induction of Titanium is soon to make the world cleaner, pollution-free, and healthy like never before.

3 Leading Industries With Electricity As Their Backbone

Rapid advancements in the field of electronics promise a new and more competent future to humanity by enlightening all aspects of life. From the era of the late 19th century when the first bulk amount of electricity developed to 2017, where electricity is considered to be a basic need for people, electronics and electrical industry have come a long way.

In simple words, electricity is a great boon for modern science and modern people as well. Today, imagining a life without electricity is completely impossible. In the last couple of years, the application of electricity also has drastically changed, and in the recent era, electricity is a must for various industries including:

  1. Engineering:

Every single applications and operation of engineering and technical activities solely depend on the employment of electricity. From building certain materials to welding, an engineering workshop needs electrical energy in each and every step of the operation.

  1. Communication & Transportation:

Without electricity, services related to transportation and communications are impossible to operate. Though some battery and solar-fuelled machinery have been introduced in the last few years, electricity is still counted as the backbone of such industries.

  1. Healthcare:

Modern healthcare system firmly depends on electricity. Though advancements in technology privileged us with various healthcare machinery and tools, without electricity, they all seem to be good for nothing.

Pros and Cons of UPC Bongs

UPC is a producer of water pipes and spot rigs based out of Southern California. As a dissemination organization, UPC has seen some skilled glassblowers go through and has extended its scope of the organization.

UPC pieces are committed to the work of art and the ageless outline is known to logical glass, and their famous logo gives each piece its own particular extraordinary wind. UPC offers not simply superb glass, but rather moderate costs also.

They just utilize the most noteworthy quality materials on the greater part of their pieces, guaranteeing a pipe you can keep.

The sifting impact UPC bongs have on tobacco and other lawful substances make them to some degree more beneficial. Here are only a couple of favourable realities about smoking a UPC bong:

Beginner Friendly: –

A UPC bong is at some degree simpler route for newcomers to take a stab at smoking. The air pockets the bong produces amid inward breath make the smoke smoother on the throat than the normal cigarette or stogie. Shallower breaths for considerably shorter eras can help a newcomer guide into the experience of smoking surprisingly.

Smoother smoke: –

The fundamental motivation behind why numerous smokers may decide on a UPC bong is simply in light of the fact that they won’t bother the smoker’s throat like cigarettes, move up tobacco or stogie can.

Warm water murders off any microscopic organisms in the smoke, offering a cleaner inward breath while cool water will along these lines cool it. This can decrease introduction to regular smoking-related conditions, for example, bronchitis when utilized as a part of the balance.

Utilizing a UPC bong: –

Unlike a custom-made plastic or aluminium one, a UPC bong can help lessen the extra chemicals water funnels are frequently scrutinized for presenting shoppers too.

Continuously clean your UPC after utilizing: Re-utilizing messy water or cleaning arrangement absolutely isn’t solid. The truth is that neglecting to clean your UPC bong really counteracts its separating impact, so ensure that you clean your bong altogether and routinely.

Reasonable for easy-going use: –

The UPC bong really sifts through various cancer-causing agents per inward breath, bringing down the smoker’s shot of helplessness to ailments, for example, lung tumour.

Be that as it may, it does likewise drive the smoke further and quicker into the lungs. Like every single legitimate high, for example, liquor, you ought to dependably utilize tobacco and your UPC bong with some restraint to abstain from counteracting these medical advantages with abuse.

Keep in mind, when utilizing a UPC bong there are two things over all that ought to be considered: -Utilizing a bong is an individual inclination and one that, if directed and appropriately utilized, has medical advantages when contrasted with different strategies for smoking. Water funnels are a less expensive, more tastefully neighbourly and an available option for smoking.

As a smoker, you perpetually risk negative well-being impacts – assume liability for your use and, with the best possible care and upkeep of your bong, why not make it a more secure option?

Tips to use when choosing a town car service

Finding an awesome town car service can be a troublesome test. Most town car service claim to give a true transportation, yet as a general rule, their administration is a minimal best case scenario. With a specific end goal to give dependable transportation, town car service ought to meet a particular arrangement of criteria.

There are some tips to use when choosing a town car service.


Licenses and Associations

Each town car service ought to be completely allowed by neighborhood advertise laws. Licenses are issued by the provinces, urban areas, airplane terminals and ocean ports and permit a limo service to lawfully work. Moreover, a legitimate town car service ought to have a place with an affiliation, for example, the National Limousine Association and additionally neighborhood limousine industry affiliations. At long last, check with the Better Business Bureau for past objections in regards to your imminent limo benefit.


Each town car service ought to have business vehicle protection. Town Cars service are required to have at least $750,000 in risk scope which is insane for a limo service in san jose. For extensive corporate customers hunting down another administration, ask what business insurance agency they are with and the name and telephone number of their operator to check scope.


Back Office Support

A productive back office is imperative to dependable administration. A service that has some expertise in airplane terminal work ought to have a reinforcement generator on an area and secure servers for customer information. It ought to likewise have a dispatch and reservation framework with the ability to email affirmations promptly after the reservation is finished. Dispatchers ought to be accessible all day and all night and the organization ought to be a piece of an associate system that permits customers to book overall go through a solitary telephone number.


For bigger records, the town car service ought to offer corporate charging and point by point solicitations. Each receipt ought to have a rundown of finished keeps running with the reservation number, traveler name, date, starting point, goal, and time. With this information, runs can be checked and rectified.


A long time in Business

Town car service with some reputation are normally superior to anything new businesses. On the off chance that you do keep running over another business, get some information about the administrator’s experience. A portion of the finest boutique town car service are generally new yet are worked by administrators and drivers with years of limousine experience.


Driver Screening

By law with a specific end goal to get a Hack License to drive a for-contract vehicle, any escort enlisted by a limo benefit must have a historical verification and have a physical. In many provinces, their Hack License must be on display when you are inside the vehicle or the driver is meeting you at the airplane terminal. Notwithstanding these shields, drivers ought to have clean driving records and be comfortable with the organization’s administration range. While meeting a forthcoming organization, inquire as to whether what Hack Licenses their drivers are required to have.


Fleet Makeup

Cars are the absolute entirety of town car service on airport terminal fleet. A Corporate Town car service ought to comprise of Lincoln Town Cars with a couple extends and SUV in the blend. Continuously demand all around kept up late model vehicles with a base 1 million dollar protection strategy.




When looking for a town car service, the vast majority need indisputably the most reduced cost. From Celebrities to CEO’s, everyone needs a shoddy limo. Really, VIPs need everything for nothing, however that is another story. With regards to limousine benefit, you ought to remember two things. To start with ensure you’re evaluating out equivalent administrations. In spite of the fact that the item might be the same, a ton of cash goes into the back office of a quality administration. This incorporates experienced drivers, record verifications, vehicle upkeep obligation protection, 24 hour dispatch, ensured charge card information, and record supervisors.