In order to start writing articles for a website you should learn some basics of Seo (Search Engine Optimization).

In normal life we just consult a few encyclopedias and a few relevant books and then we transfer the text to a paper showing reference to those books from where the article is taken. But this internet world is different. For the content of website Google requires that it should be completely unique and not copied from any other website.

Google has special tools that can easily detect the stolen content. This stolen content is called the plagiarized content in the terms of Seo.

You must study Google’s Panda, penguin and humming bird updates that are especially designed for this task. So that you may understand that who is smarter Google or you.

The perfect way of writing article is to search a few sites and then study the topic deeply. Once you’re done you can close everything and open Microsoft Word and write article in your own words.

Here are some important things that you must consider for writing an SEO friendly article:

What should be the minimum amount of words: –

It is a rule that the minimum amount of words in an article should be 300 or more than that. An article with less than 300 words is not considered an Seo-friendly article. And if the article is not Seo-friendly then the website won’t be able to reach the top search results of Google.

Using the keyword several times: –

A keyword is anything that a user puts in the search bar of search engine to find the relevant results. Using the keyword for a specific number is really important because it helps you get your article ranked faster.

This is where the Keyword density term from Seo comes in handy.

What is Keyword density?

Normally people find a keyword that is mostly being searched in Google and they choose it so that their website may come to top search results of Google. And then they use that keyword in the article for the required times.

Normally bloggers do not know that how many times this word needs to be used. It is a Seo strategy that 1% of the article should contain the focus keyword. Means if the article is 300 words then keyword should be used 3 times approximately. This is called the keyword density that how many times a keyword should be used in the article.

How to check plagiarism: –

There are various tools available on the internet to check whether your written stuff matches any other website’s content or not. and are too famous websites but their results are not accurate. is an authentic tool that provides you accurate results.

Simply check your content’s uniqueness by pasting it in the box. And if any part of the article is plagiarized then it will highlight those parts showing the reference to the sites from where the content is taken.

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