Virtual Reality is one of the hottest topics in the tech world. There was a time when people used to scold to get out of the virtual world that you are dreaming about. The predominant population wouldn’t have thought in their wildest dreams that it would become a reality. The eighties and the nineties kids would have had a lot of thoughts about the things that they will do if they have an opportunity to enter the Quest World from Jonny Quest, a show that had the virtual world as its center. Here are some of the interesting facts about virtual reality.

Not a latest concept or gadget

If you are bragging to friends about having a gadget with the latest tech, it is high time you know the truth. Just because it hit the markets recently, it doesn’t mean that it is a modern gadget. The VR headset came out in the 1960s. It was then referred to as Telesphere Mask. It was invented by Morton Heilig. The device was equipped with 3D TV, wide vision and stereo sound.



It is billion dollar industry

Many have this misconception that virtual reality is all about VR kits and VR headphones. There is a lot more than that. There are VR games, VR gaming consoles and a lot more. Many researchers have predicted that there are good possibilities that even films might be made in VR technology. The value of Virtual Reality industry is 5.2 billion dollars.

It is a lot more than games and entertainment

This is a common habit among people to jump into conclusions without knowing the truths and facts. Since they witness many people playing games and watching videos with VR Kits, they think that VR is all about games and entertainment. But the truth is that they play a major role in Health Care. Virtual Reality is used to treat depression, anxiety, autism, and a few addictions

The Eye(i) Phone

We are complaining that I Phones are very expensive. In 1980s Jason Lanier came up with a virtual reality device that cost 49000 dollars. It was called the EyePhone 1. It came with a VR headphone, glass, and gloves.

Bionic Display

The main concept of virtual reality is to create an artificial world that gives the exact feel of the real world in terms of vision. It is possible because a startup named Varjo is creating Bionic Display that gives you the exact feel that a human eye gives.

PSVR Headset

We all know that PSVR was developed by Sony. But the VR headset was developed by the engineers at the Sony research and development lab without the intervention of anyone. Even the executives were not allowed to question the engineers who were working on PSVR.

More billions on the way

The experts state that the Virtual Reality sector is expected to reach 34 billion dollars by 2023. When combined with augmented reality the value will be around 94 billion dollars.

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