There are several hidden cameras available these days in the market that have their specific benefits so first of all, you need to make your mind clear about what kind of hidden camera suits you the best. Choose cameras built into coat hooks, smoke detectors, alarm clocks, DVD players, AC power adapters and much more.

There is a huge collection of body worn cameras available if you want to capture convert video consistently. You can use a baseball cap, a pair of eyeglasses, a necktie, a ballpoint pen, or even the button of a shirt to record all the action.

And the most surprising fact is that you can even design your own hidden spy camera if you’re good at conducting DIY projects.

There are some cameras that need a separate standalone recorder while most of the cameras come with the built-in digital video recorders. You must keep these features in your mind when you’re comparing the performance and price of different models.

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Let’s take a look at the important things that you must consider when you’re looking to buy a spy camera.

Video resolution

Video resolution is one of the most important factors that you must consider when you’re taking a look at the features of the spy camera. High-quality video can help you produce the authentic evidence in the court or anywhere else you want, while a low-quality camera may get you into some trouble and the court will not also accept the lower video resolution.

No matter what the price is, the camera you choose to buy should be able to produce high-quality videos so that you may show those videos as evidence.

Shooting in Low Light

Shooting in Low light may also cause some problem because it’ll not capture the clear picture of the suspect and it’ll not let you produce the exact evidence that you want to present in the court.

Sound quality

If you’re buying a camera that can record the sound as well, then you must make sure that the sound quality of the camera is perfect because the interruption in the sound or low-quality sound will not work as a perfect evidence.

Video storage

The video storage depends on your personal preferences. You must figure out that how much storage do you need to record the actions. If you want to use the camera on regular basis, then you must buy a camera that has the ability to record videos for a long time.

Battery capacity

The battery capacity is also important for spy cameras so that you may record the video whenever you want without any kind of problem.

If you find a camera that has all these excellent features in it, you must consider buying that camera.