Well the Apple Store has been sending out e-receipts since the year 2005, and they are at the top of the list when it comes to the most environmentally pro and also the greenest companies on the planet, so surely they are doing things right. They have also announced that they intend on stopping the mining of earth for materials like metal. They have begun recycling materials from their old phones which are turned in after use.

This is an amazing step which I indeed appreciate. 100% of the energy which runs all their offices, manufacturing plants, stores, etc. is now green and renewable energy. Seeing everything that they have accomplished other companies have started adopting many green initiatives and one that stands out to me is that the companies have started sending out digital receipts instead of giving a physical bill. It is not necessary for the organization to big to send digital receipts. There are a lot of digital receipt companies to which the process can be outsourced. This is a spectacular groundbreaking move and is really admired by many people as it reduces the clutter and ultimately helps us be organized with our bills since all of them will be on our phones, which go everywhere with us.

This is what happened last weekend to me, I walk out rodeo drive and get some froyo, the bill was pinged to my phone through email since I provided my email ID while the cashier was billing, I even paid using my iPhone through Apple Pay, utterly paperless. Later I walked into a store and bought some pants, I went home and realised that I had purchased the wrong size, all I had to do was pull up my email when I went to exchange the product. I didn’t have to dig through my wallet or my car searching for that piece of paper that no one cares about. This way so much paper is saved.

If the website of the brand is linked to Facebook or even Twitter, they can drive the traffic to the site and promote the fact that they have the e-receipt system. Understand the value of some of the details on the receipt because it may be important to some people. You also need to pilot test the entire thing before you actually role it out.

It’s an excellent opportunity to confirm the amount of workflow that is correct and that the staff is also properly trained to provide the service. You can start simply by conducting surveys and gather a lot of recommendations from customers and then do the transition. If you have noticed many customers will say ‘no thank you’ for a physical receipt when they use their debit/credit card in the card machine if this is the case you should totally adopt the digital receipt system. Since the technology is relatively new, find a decent e-receipt supplier. When you do find a good one, you will find that integration and optimization and even future developments are all working perfectly and how it is supposed to.