The best way to entertain your kids when you don’t have the pet in your home is to gift them Robotic Pet Dog Toys. Many kids have a problem of allergies due to which it’s not possible for you to bring them a pet.

If you want to give your kid a robotic dog pet for their entertainment and to make them happy then here is the list of best one you can choose from:

Hi-Tech Wireless Remote Control Interactive Puppy

It has a rechargeable battery so when your kid wants to play with it, you can unplug it and operate it with the help of remote.

The eyes of the puppy are of large LED lights which are quite attractive for your kids. This dog has fun commands and you can even control it from the 50 feet. It has a wireless receiver as well so anyone can use it easily without any hurdle.

Electronic Dog

The bump and go feature of the dog is absolutely perfect and works on all kinds of surfaces. No matter if you are using it on rough surfaces or smooth it will work easily. It has sensors which are touch sensitive as well as a stylish color theme of white and black to give it realistic and cute look for the babies.

The system of the dog is responsive and the functions of electronic dog are quite entertaining for your kid.

Paw Control Action Robo Dog

This is the most durable dog for your baby and when you want to have a robot dog which should be reliable as well then go for the paw control action.

Best robotic pet dogs

It doesn’t use any batteries or electricity which is safe for your baby and you don’t have to worry how they are using it and open it.

It’s best for the babies who are above 3 years. It has the versatile badge as well which is going to attract your baby and will make you love it.

Sain Smart Jr Robot Smart Dog

The major thing about Sain Smart Jr is that you will get 4 days money back guarantee. Your baby will enjoy easy to use commands as well. The material of the robot dog is high and you can control it from the 50 feet of range.

It has functional remote and works with the rechargeable batteries. The system of the robot dog is based on pre-programmed.

Ihoven Voice Control Robo Dog

The plastic of the dog is heavy duty and work with the batteries. The eyes of the dog have LED lights which change color as well. Your baby will find the color changing ability quite amazing and attractive.

Best robotic pet dogs

It has printed manual as well for your guidance and changing moods of the dog is fun to watch. It has the ability to work through the voice commands. This dog is suitable for the babies up to the age 3 and the interactive design will give it real look.