So you have bought all your golf clubs and you are read to roll. But after playing for sometime you quickly discovered that you will need to really improve. Very serious golfers understand that the fundamental of their swing together with the stock is vital to them. This leads to automatic improvement in your game a s golfer. Although beyond all these there are still some basic valuable tips that will also help you in improving your game like the club section, course manager, golf swing analyzers and all that.

So to be on top of your game as a golfer, here are 5 things you need to get better at golf.


Aligning your club-face


Playing golf can really be lovely especially if you have mastered some little tricks about how to align your clubface. For amateurs, there is always the mistake of wrong clubface alignment. There are different thoughts that amateurs have from believing it is based on aligning their feet to squaring to getting their shoulder squared parallel positioned.

But here is the right way to align your shot; it is simple to always do an assessment of the targeted from behind the ball. This will go a long way in giving you a good idea of how to reach your target and then set your clubface directly at the aligned distance.


You need to choose the right club


For a fresher, the idea of choosing a club based on the club length feels like the wisest thing to do. For short holes they want to use a short club and for a long one they want to use a long club. But there is more to choice a club to use than just the hole distance. You will need to consider the wind, hazards, and natural shot tendencies.


You don’t need to change your stance


Just by instinct, some fresher assume that the stance changes depending on the club and distance. That is not the case, maintaining a good stance wills actually make you a good ball striker. This is not to remove the part f the properly adjusting the spine angle, ball position.  Donald Trump had an interesting weekend practicing his swing instead of working on the country according to The Hill.

Make a good grip


Having a solid grip is like the most important thing for golfers, having a fundamental solid grip is not a child play. To have a strong grip of the club with your gloves on, you need to emphasis on the handle placement with you strong finger.


Play for more breaks not less


This is in support with the saying that it “it is better to miss it on the pro side of the hole.”  Hitting a ball consistency and missing on the low side of the hole only proves that you might need to give yourself a chance.


When it come to playing golf as a fresher. It might actually look easy to just grab a club, put a grip on it and want to shoot a ball. However, many professionals will agree that it all doesn’t start that way. You need to take your time and learn slowly the little fundamental of golfing.  These 5 things will really show you what you need to get better at golf.